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J David Baxter

Author of the Greymantle Chronicles


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I got this book early this morning. I was able to finish it in about 10 hours. I only stopped to rest my eyes and get a little bit to eat. I could not put it down. I can only imagine that more books are to come. The only thing I would change is to make the books longer. 1000 pages would be a good start. When I read these books I can see what is happening in my minds eye. Breathe taking adventures. 

- Donald M. Hurd

'Best of the Best'

Praise & Reviews

Every time a book is released, I have to prepare myself to not being able to put it down until it is read. I would say the author is up there with my favorites of all time Robert Jordan, David Eddings, and Harry Turtledove. When I was confused, a simple email was sent to him, and he answered explaining an event I had questions about. Never before has an author done this... PUT ME DOWN AS A LIFELONG FAN!!!

- Aksunai

'A story hard to put down, written by a great author!'

My bedtime is at nine pm. Needless to say when this book popped onto my library, I started reading. I didn’t want to put it down. It was a good time and even with all the pain I will feel tomorrow, the story was worth it.

- DerekO

'It's almost 2am'

The Greymantle Chronicles

Epic Portal Fantasy:
An epic fantasy series seen through the lens of a modern college student from Earth, plunged into an adventure on a high magic fantasy world. Forced to adapt and survive, he will need to dodge the mages and soldiers of a nation dedicated to the service of evil gods, while trying to uncover the mystery of how and why he was kidnapped to this world.

What makes it Unique: The Setting
Strong, detailed worldbuilding: Set in a unique world of swords and magic. Greymantle goes beyond the concept of 'high magic' fantasy world. Fantasy in flavor, but more advanced than modern Earth in some respects. Greymantle is a world in which technology and science never existed, yet cities are cleaner, banking is done with the magical bank tokens, floating carts are used to haul freight, and magic is a science in its own right.

Guardsman: Book One

Mage: Book Two

Swordmaster: Book Three

Defender: Book Four

Dragonlord: Book Five


Vampire's Heir 1: Book Six


About J David Baxter

I love to write fantasy stories that I would want to read. I like to strike a balance between conflict and challenge for the characters and kicking ass. I hate stories where the MC gets sand kicked in their face at the metaphorical beach in every scene. If I wanted to watch someone get constantly bullied and pushed around I'd go back to high school and watch the drama there. No thanks! 

I like a story that shows progression, where the characters grow and change, both emotionally and in power.

I also love foreshadowing and dropping in Easter Eggs that don't pay off until later. I also like my stories to connect to a larger universe and have interesting tie-ins. You may find a minor character introduced in a single scene who ends up as the big boss villain in another book.

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