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Guardsman - Available on Audio!

Big news! Book One of the Greymantle Chronicles is now available on Audio! You can buy it whereever audio books are sold (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Spotify, etc).

Please be sure and get a copy and let others know it's out there! There are lots of Fantasy lovers who 'read' their content by listening to audio books these days because they just don't have time to sit down with a physical (or even digital) copy of a book. I know I was like that for the last few years and only had a chance to listen during my commute or during breaks at my day job.

Now Greymantle Chronicles is there for you! Book One hit the shelves today, Oct 10th, with Book Two already available for pre-sale. Book Two will release on November 21st, with each of the other books following about a month or so apart.


DFW Writers Convention

In other news, I attended the DFW Writers convention this weekend and had an amazing time! There were tons of informative classes and great panel sessions. I had the opportunity to pitch some books to a couple of agents and discuss my upcoming works. I even had a chance to meet Evangeline Lilly at her book signing. She and Dave Eggers were the two keynote speakers and both did a fantastic job. I was especially blown away by how heartfelt Mrs. Lilly's speach was, and it mirrored some of my own experiences and expectations with the publishing industry.

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