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September Status and News

Why no book yet?

Life. It has a way of catching up to you. My family is building and living in a house while we complete it. That means that for the last two and a half years, I've been camped out and writing in an office with unfinished drywall, exposed insulation, and bare ceiling joists. And boxes... so many boxes! I finally hit the point that I couldn't stand it any longer and decided to move that to the top of my list of things to do. I am happy to report that it is mainly done. I just need to finish unpacking the boxes (stuff I haven't seen in years) into my nice, shiny, fancy new writing space.

The upside is that I am pumped about how great the room looks now. FYI, there were no contractors involved! From hanging drywall on the ceiling to finish painting, all was done by me, my wife, and my oldest son. That is why the next book has yet to be released and is still a couple of months away. Careful observers might notice my cat Merlin peeking his head out from under the table in the upper right pic. We have multiple cats, but Merlin is the one that has claimed me as his human.


Now for the good news! The Greymantle Chronicles are coming to Audio starting on October 10th.

I'm excited to let you know that my books, Guardsman, Mage, Swordmaster, Defender, Dragonlord, and Vampire's Heir: 1 now have audio publication dates! They will be available for sale on 10/10/2023, 11/21/2023, 1/16/2024, 3/5/2024, 5/7/2024, and 6/18/2024 across 60+ retail and library digital distributors, including Audible, Apple, and Google Play.

The narrator for the audiobooks is A.W. Miller.

Mr. Miller is a fantastic and entertaining narrator/voice actor with many titles to his credit. Check him out on Audible and other audiobook retailers.

*Dates may vary based on unforeseen circumstances. They are in the hands of the Audio book publisher; I have no control over the production process. :)

Last but not least, I've decided on a bit of a change of direction to the plan for the series.

With Vampire's Heir 1, I wanted it to be pretty tightly tied to the Greymantle series because, in my mind, it is part of the overall story I am telling. What is happening on Earth is one aspect of a larger situation that affects Greymantle and its future. Nate touched on some mysteries I wanted to explore and expand on in Book 4 of his story arc. Still, it did not make sense for him to be the one to do so, as it would have been a considerable divergence from his storyline. That said, what happens in Vegas doesn't necessarily stay in Vegas.

What does this mean for Vampire's Heir in the future?

My original thought was to have Daniel's story flow directly into the Greymantle plotline in his book three, then do the same with the other characters in their own stories (Els and Mara). What I mean by this is that I would have had his third book be directly part of the big crossover event where all of the main characters come together to face down against the big bad. I am rethinking that now. Reception for Vampire's Heir has been very favorable. However, Amazon doesn't seem to know what to do with it and isn't presenting it to new readers. I have tied it into the Greymantle Chronicles series as Book 7, but it doesn't fit from their perspective. I have gone from a fantasy world to Earth and from a human hero to a vampire. Their algorithm is not happy, meaning this latest book isn't getting presented to audiences the way it should.

Because of this, my new plan is to treat Daniel's story like I treated Nate's and have it wrap up his story arc in book three. That will make his tale a complete story that can be read as if it is a stand-alone series. That should help Amazon better categorize the book and ensure it is not getting suppressed due to a quirk with their algorithm. It will also help readers by allowing them to choose whether they want to read a particular storyline. That said, it will still be part of the Greymantle Chronicles' overall story arc, and what Daniel does will definitely affect what happens later. They just will not be listed as the 'Greymantle Chronicles: Book X' but as 'A Greymantle Chronicles Novel.'

I hope this doesn't cause confusion, but I need to address the issue to better conform to what Amazon's algorithm expects to see to promote my novels to new readers.

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