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What's Next... you might be shocked!

Heh. Nothing like a clickbaity title, eh?

Thank you for reading Books 1 to 5 of the Greymantle Chronicles, Nate's story arc. His adventures aren't over; however, this first story arc wraps up with book five.

***Slight spoilers ahead if you haven't finished Book 5!***

If you love Greymantle and want to delve back into that world, don't fret. I am working on more stories there. I plan to write at least two other story arcs set on Greymantle. One will be the story of Els' adventures as she tries to get her education as a Healer and the challenges she faces in the big city of Daggerport. The second will be about the other half of Darian's (Nate's) soul and what happens when they get pulled from Earth to Greymantle. (This character has been alluded to in Nate's story.)

And, of course, Nate will be back and will definitely make appearances in the other stories.

With that said, I want to let you know what is coming next and give a warning…

The next story in the Greymantle Chronicles (Vampire's Heir) will be set on Earth and focus on another character.

If it is set on Earth, how can it be part of the Greymantle Chronicles?

In the immortal words of Robert Jordan, "Read and find out!"

Now for the warning:


Seriously… If you are a reader of the Greymantle Chronicles Books 1-5, Nate Marche's story arc. This new book I plan to release next is different in style and tone from the 'high fantasy' treatment of Nate's story.

If you pick up Vampire's Heir expecting all the hero tropes of Epic Fantasy, you will be disappointed. The book will not be an epic fantasy. I will be humorous, occasionally dark, and very different in flavor from Nate's story.

The book is written from 1st person perspective. I would classify it as Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, or Contemporary Fantasy.

Then why am I still calling it part of the Greymantle Chronicles, and do you need to read this book if you are a fan of the Greymantle Chronicles?

I am calling this part of the GC universe because it is set on the same Earth where Nate was born. The protagonist of this story was introduced in Book Four of the Greymantle Chronicles and interacted with Nate. Observant readers might recognize one of the villains as well. I like to drop hints and tie in things that don't pay off for a while in my stories. That's something I love when reading a story, so I like to include those types of easter eggs.

I have two story arcs set on Earth that are part of the overarching story I am telling in the Greymantle Chronicles universe. Suppose you don't like reading an entire story set on Earth that doesn't feel like an Epic Fantasy story. In that case, you can skip those story arcs, as the planned Greymantle-based stories will work fine on their own.


All of my planned GCU stories, whether set on Earth or Greymantle, will tie together to some degree. There just might be an eventual crossover between all of the protagonists. That's a long way off, but that is part of my vision for the overall story arc.

As to whether you need to read Vampire's Heir… I will leave that up to you. However, this story will delve into the mysteries that Nate stumbled into on Earth in Book Four. Why does our boring, mundane Earth have all these mages, vampires, and other things hiding among us? Who is the Cabal that tried to capture Nate and Els? Did the Cabal hassle Auntie M after Nate and Els left? Read and find out. :)

Did I need to put a WARNING in big, bold letters?

Perhaps not, but as a reader, I know it can be jarring to pick up the next book in a series only to find out it is focusing on a different character and isn't even told with the same tone and style.

I am trying to give fair warning in hopes that you don't pick up the next book and end up disappointed and then blast me with horrible reviews. This book is very different in style and tone.

Why Read Vampire's Heir?

Read if you want to know more about the mysteries Nate and Els left behind on Earth…

Read if you are a completionist…

Read if you like Dark/Urban/Contemporary/Humorous fantasy…

Read if you just want to support me…

Or don't. That's fine too. Just don't give me a bad review for not setting the proper expectations.

Greymantle is a big wide, wonderful world with lots of stories waiting to be told! Some will be Epic Fantasy, some Dark fantasy, and who knows what. The only thing I will guarantee is that I will try to make them entertaining, they DO tie into one another, and I hope you will all come along with me on this journey!

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