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Thankful for so many thing...

Nov 27, 2020

Written By J David Baxter

Despite the trials and tribulations of the times we are going through, I am thankful for so much.

Whatever else happens, I love writing and telling these stories, and I’m thankful for this outlet that helps keep me balanced.

The cover art is done. Jeff with Jeff Brown Graphics did a fantastic job and I think his work will really help the book’s success. That was the last major hurdle before the book launch. Now I will be ramping up to the book release, which I hope to have done in the next two weeks. Writing has also finished for book two and it is now going into the editing phase, so I plan to put it up for preorder almost as soon as I launch book one. In addition to that, I am plotting out two additional series that will be set in this world, one which will focus on the sister of the main character, and another that will tie-in to the mystery of how Nate gets transported to the world of Greymantle and will explore a bit of the darker side of Greymantle’s society. Whatever else happens, I love writing and telling these stories, and I’m thankful for this outlet that helps keep me balanced. I am also incredibly thankful for home and family. Despite being out of work (thanks to a Covid-layoff), we are proceeding with the house build, and getting very close to being able to move in. For the first time in my adult life, I will be mortgage free, and that feels amazing. We may not have food to put on the table in a couple months, but we’ll have a roof over our heads! Speaking of finishing the house, that has been competing for my time and unfortunately, the house is winning over my writing. My wife and I spent the last several days framing the walls in the home, and as soon as the insulation guys get done we’ll be painting the ceilings. After that, we’ll finally be able to move in and get out of that 240sqft barn we’ve been living in since August. It may sound crazy, but I’m even grateful for the time we’ve spent cramped into such a small space. I wouldn’t choose to live this tightly packed together, but I think we are closer as a family for having experienced it. I’d like to wrap up this short update with a request. When the book launches, it would help me out a great deal if you could log into Amazon and leave a review on my book. Reviews help other readers know a book is worth picking up and will really assist with the success of the launch. Also, if you haven’t signed up here on the website, be sure to do so, as it helps me keep in touch with you and let you know about new releases and other promotions.

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