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Here in the gallery you will find some extra content and concept art for characters and places in the Greymantle Chronicles.

Nate's Torwall Estate.jpg

Nate and Els' estate in Torwall

The estate covers a large city block in the richest section of the city just west of the Royal Palace and two blocks north of Dorvin's tower.

VH2 - Ebook_edited.jpg

Cover of Vampire's Heir 2

Pretty happy with how this one turned out.


Evangeline Lily book signing

Had a chance to meet and get my photo with the amazing Evangeline Lily at DFW Writer's Convention. She gave the Keynote address on the second day. She was a great speaker and incredibly personable.

VH 1 v5.jpg

Cover image for Vampire's Heir 1

Just completed the cover image for Vampire's Heir book one. Pretty happy with the results. I feel like it is on point for the Urban/Contemporary Fantasy genre, which this next book falls squarely into. 

Lord Unrel's Estate.jpg

Lord Unrel's Estate

I was having a difficult time writing Book 3, until I created this map showing Unrel's estate, then I could picture what it would take for Nate to complete the Heist.

Joram's home_edited.jpg

Joram's Home (Nate's house)

This is a drawing of the home that Nate inherited from his mentor Joram Marche.

Two Dominions Village.jpg

Two Dominions Village

Half of this village (on the left) is controlled by Lord Unrel, the other half is controlled by his neighbor to the north, Lord Nalfintin. North is to the right side of the map, south to the left.

Monetary System.png

Money values

This image explains the monetary system on Greymantle.

Belan's Village.jpg

Belan's Village

This is a map of Belan's village, his house is on the hill to the south.


Another sword that inspired Nate's sword

This is close to how I picture Nate's sword. Several swords were the inspiration for Nate's curved-bladed sword, and this is one of them. I've linked the source on this, sadly it looks like it is no longer available, I wouldn't mind having one of these in my collection.

Great Empire - Heartland (Unfinished).jpg

Unfinished Map of the Bane's Great Empire

The continent where the Bane had their empire was larger than all the other landmasses on Greymantle combined. This map depicts just one small portion where the heartland of their empire resided.

JDB12 (1)-1.png


Not a bad logo. Wanted something like JRR Tolkien's Monogram logo. This isn't quite what I was hoping for, but it is very nice.

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