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J David Baxter's Biography


Who am I? 

I've asked myself that same question a time or two!   

I'm a husband, father, writer, editor, IT guy, project manager, engraver, bench jeweler, teacher, actor, and a guy who used to fall off horses for a living as a Ren Faire Jouster.  Let's just say I've walked an interesting road to get to where I am. 


Regardless of the crazy and varied things I've done, one thing has always stuck with me.  A love of reading and fantasy.  I have an English Degree, and taught English & Journalism. I've devoured hundreds of Fantasy and SciFi books and started writing as a hobby about 15 years ago.  Since then, I've written novellas, short stories and even a couple Jordan or Rowling length novels. Recently, I've moved into publishing professionally. I was Editor for the story elements of the new Stargate RPG Core Rulebook, published by Wyvern Games. 

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