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Greymantle Chronicles: Book One

College student, Nate Keller, is transported to another world where he becomes the target of deadly zealots who serve powerful malevolent gods. He will need to overcome his fears, make allies, and learn new skills to stop a plot that could plunge an entire world into war.

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Greymantle Chronicles: Book Two

Assassins, Decisions, & Romance

After foiling the Blood Mage plot, Nate was rewarded with a knighthood and a position in the Royal Guard. New opportunities mean new challenges, difficult decisions, and maybe even a chance for love. However, his enemies haven't given up, and he finds himself dodging assassins and running afoul of one of the most powerful mage guilds on Greymantle.

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Greymantle Chronicles: Book Three

Needing to learn the skills and abilities necessary to save his friends, Nate travels back through time to the Great Empire. He hopes to find trainers to make him capable of defeating the Blood Mages. However, arriving in a primitive era ruled by evil Bane elves, his luck has run out. Now trapped in the past, can he survive and get what he requires to escape? He just might save far more than himself and his friends if he can.

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Greymantle Chronicles: Book Four

Returned to Earth from Greymantle's past, Nate finally has the skills to save his friends, however, unexpected discoveries make him question everything he knew about Earth. When he returns to Greymantle with an unexpected passenger, he will need to overcome guild rivalries to discover the enemy's plans. If it all goes according to plan, Nate will have his long-awaited confrontation with the bleeder agent who spent months trying to assassinate him and kill those he cares about!

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Greymantle Chronicles: Book Five

Now an Earl and thrust into the middle of kingdom politics, Nate must support his king while avoiding assassins and winning the tournament that will vindicate all his hard work. At the same time, he will need to solve the mystery of how he was brought to Greymantle and find a way to stop the Blood God's attacks once and for all.

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